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If you were a patient of Dr. James Heaps, you may have been subject to inappropriate or medically unnecessary conduct and entitled to compensation.

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What happened at UCLA?

Dr. James Heaps, a physician formerly employed by UCLA, has been charged with sexual battery in connection with his medical practice and has surrendered to law enforcement. Dr. Heaps was an obstetrician-gynecologist who worked on a part-time basis at the UCLA student health center from approximately 1983 to 2010, held medical staff privileges at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center from 1988 to 2018, and practiced at 100 Medical Center Drive in Westwood from the 1990’s until mid-2018.

Heaps, 62, was charged May 22, 2019 with two counts of sexual battery by fraud and one count of sexual exploitation of a patient. These charges relate to care he provided to two patients in 2017 and 2018 at UCLA Health. On August 3, 2020, Dr. Heaps was arraigned on 17 new felony counts of sexual assault and is facing over 67 years in prison.


You are not alone. 

Hundreds, if not thousands, of women have experienced mistreatment at the hands of Dr. Heaps. McGrath Kavinoky (originally named The Kavinoky Law Firm) represents more of Dr. Heaps’ former patients than any other law firm.

-As alleged in our lawsuits-


JUNE: Dr. Heaps touches patient in an inappropriate and sexual manner during an IUD removal procedure.


Dr. Heaps investigated by the California Medical Board for complaints of misconduct and abuse.

Dr. Heaps medical practice acquired by UCLA.


JANUARY: Yelp review posted by a former UCLA student alleges that Dr. Heaps had sexually harassed her.

AUGUST: Dr. Heaps named one of the 35 highest-paid University of California employees.


MAY 9: The Kavinoky Law firm secures its first UCLA client the ONLY UCLA settlement to date for $2.25M.

JUNE 10: UCLA Chancellor Gene D. Block announces “distressing information” about Dr. Heaps’ sexual battery charge.


JUNE: UCLA School of Medicine announces “with mixed emotions” that Dr. Heaps has “retired”.

OCTOBER: “Violating” review posted by Vitals.com user.

JUNE 11: UCLA acknowledges to its patients that Heaps charges are “very disturbing”.

JUNE 12: The Kavinoky Law Firm files 1st UCLA lawsuit.

JUNE 13: The Kavinoky Law Firm files 2nd UCLA lawsuit.

OCTOBER 17: The Kavinoky Law Firm files 20th UCLA lawsuit.

NOVEMBER 13: UCLA Title IX investigative review finds “sufficient evidence” that Dr. Heaps violated the Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment sections of the University of California Policy on Sexual Violence.

NOVEMBER 27Kavinoky Law Firm files new suit on behalf of five patients of Dr. Heaps.

“I’m here to redeem my self-esteem and go on with my life and try and get past him.”


How Do I Know If This Affected Me?

If you were a patient between 1983 - 2014 at the UCLA Student Health Center, a patient between 1988 - 2018 at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, or a patient of Dr. Heaps at his medical office in Westwood you may have been subject to inappropriate behavior.

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Breaking News

January 14, 2021: The court approved a $73 Million federal class action settlement by University of California and notices are now being mailed to former patients of Dr. Heaps. Because we believe that individual, custom-tailored lawsuits in state court will achieve a better result for our clients, McGrath Kavinoky will protect all of its clients by opting out of the class action.  

NOTE: if you were a patient of Dr. Heaps, it is vital you get legal advice about the class action, since you risk giving up your right to sue Dr. Heaps or UCLA for any claims.  If you would like a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss the pros and cons of the federal class action, we invite your call, day or night.

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APRIL 24: McGrath Kavinoky files complaint on behalf of 10 patients of Dr. Heaps.

MAY 22: Dr. Heaps charged with sexual battery and sexual exploitation by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.

JUNE 10: Dr. Heaps arraigned on the criminal charges, enters a plea of not guilty.

DECEMBER 11McGrath Kavinoky files complaint on behalf of 2 patients of Dr. Heaps.

JUNE 5: UCLA Health and Student Health Special Committee Report details patient and employee complaints about Dr. Heaps from the late 1990s to 2018.

JULY 9: McGrath Kavinoky files complaint on behalf of 15 patients of Dr. Heaps.

OCTOBER 1: McGrath Kavinoky files complaint on behalf of 16 patients of Dr. Heaps.

AUGUST 3:  Dr. Heaps arraigned on 17 new sexual assault charges, enters a plea of not guilty, remanded into custody and released after posting $650,000 bond.

NOVEMBER 16:  University of California announced a proposed $73 Million settlement of a class action lawsuit brought in Federal court.


JANUARY 14:  Court approves $73 Million UCLA federal class action settlement.